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Welcome to the solutions manual for Chip's Challenge!

Chips Challenge was originally written by Chuck Summerville for EPYX. It was released on the Lynx computer, an Atari handheld, in the late 1980's. In the early 1990's the programmers at MicroSoft became interested in it and wrote a version for Windows.

Bridgestone Multimedia bought EPYX and the rights to Chips Challenge in the late 1990's and by that time MicroSoft had lost interest in the game. In the mean time a group has written an open source program that runs Chips. This program, Tile World, runs on PC's and Linux workstations.

You can download a copy of Tile World from Muppet Labs.

Here we present a sample of the solutions from our Chips Challenge Solutions Guide. For Each level there is a description, an animated map, and a list of the commands for the solution presented on the map.

You should know: These pages were designed to be delivered on CD-ROM. Some of the pages get pretty hefty and the graphics used on the map pages are quite large. If you are on a slow connection, you may have to wait a couple of minutes for the map pages to download.

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